new words in the past 50 years. J, K, L.


Junkie– slang neologism created to identify a drug addict. Now weakened in meaning as it is being attached on to less serious obsessions i.e. ‘fast-food junkie’.

 Joystick-twitching. Neologism created by compounding of ‘joystick’ and ‘twitching’ If you’ve seen Keanu Reeves do his VR karate in The Matrix you’ll know that the nimble, bloody aesthetic of the arcade shoot-em-up is being busily absorbed by film-makers who are eager for the cash of joystick-twitching kids Kitten heels. Influences in fashion often lead to language change. Compounding of two words (kitten and heels) to create a new meaning. Therefore the noun ‘kitten’ has a semantic shift of meaning and thus broadens ‘kitten’. 

Kick- Ass. Created in the 1990’s by the youth generation- the compound of ‘kick’ and ‘ass’ was created to imply something as good. The same applies for ‘killin’-it’.   


Ladyboy. Slang term that refers to a male-to-female transgender person or an effeminate gay male. Sexuality has changes in the past 50 years, it is much more acceptable for homosexuality than it had been in the past, and the steriotypically ‘macho’ male is being eradicated from society slowly.Compounding of lady and boy for a new meaning. 

Ladette.    Gender changes in society such as ‘lads’ hold connotations of being disruptive and loud ‘one of the lads’. Derivation/ affixing by adding suffix ‘–ette’ shows female counterpart and this has become more acceptable in the last 50 years defined as (informal) a young woman that behaves like a lad: being loud, drinking heavily, sleeping around, etc.”


Lifecoach. Life coaching is a practice of helping clients determine and achieve personal goals. A new proffesion means a new noun for the job. Compounding of ‘life’ and ‘coach’.

 Liposuction. From the term ‘lipectomy’- Lipectomy (especially for cosmetic purposes) in which excess fatty tissue is removed from under the skin by suction. Plastic surgery is evolving and is more common today than in the past 50 years thus new words are created and brought into everyday use. Used as a verb also in ‘liposucked’.


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