New words post 1950-


People were chatting in an ungangsterish way


One who loves and collects video equipment and media [compound from L. video ‘see’ and G. phile ‘loving’]Context and source: “The picture quality will be vastly improved, pleasing videophiles.” (US News and World Report , 1 December 1997]”I guess owning a Beta, RCA Selectavision, SVHS, Laserdisc, and DVD makes me a videophile.” (Conversation)

A new voicemail service, Parrot, has been launched for students and those in shared accommodation to get messages from any telephone.

 wedge issue

US a very divisive political issue, regarded as a basis for drawing voters away from an opposing party whose supporters have diverging opinions on it.


very unpleasant, undesirable; inappropriate, incorrect or not the way something should be or expected to be, contrary to the social norm; bad or negative in a general sense. Also wack. [clipping of wacky] Context and source: “That test was wac!” “Her outfit was totally wac!” (Conversation)


Slang. to sit or stand against a wall at a party. [derived from, of course, wall]Context and source: I didn’t dance. Just wallin’. (a book called Street Talk 2)


To dismiss or ignore. Desire to dismiss. [Zero derivation of whatever]
Contex and source: ” That guy really whatevers me.” (Conversation)

(eXtensible Markup Language, a simplified version of SGML)

(1000 zettabytes)

Yogalates fitness routine that combines Pilates exercises with the postures and breathing techniques of yoga.

A blend of yoga and Pilates.

 zombiea computer controlled by a hacker without the owner’s knowledge, which is made to send large quantities of data to a website, making it inaccessible to other users.


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